Saturday, July 12, 2014

One month

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
You are a month old! I can hardly believe it. What a crazy month we had too. We have been to the doctor and hospital more than mommy has been in her whole life. 
Here is Mommy on the way to the hospital. She has seen twin mommies who had bigger tummies, but nevertheless she was ready to meet you (and be comfortable again!).  I already wrote about your birth, so I won't do that again, but here is our first family picture. Joseph took a few seconds to cry when he was born, and mommy was a little worried. Kenzie, you started screaming as soon as you came out. I think that tells us a little something about your personalities. 

Joseph, you came to the room that night. You and mommy bonded over learning how to nurse together and spending those first sweet days just you and I. 

Kenzie, you spent your first day and a half in the NICU. You and daddy bonded as he sang to you. Even though he has a terrible voice, you still love it when he sings to you. 

Kenzie, here is the first time you and mommy saw each other since the night you were born. You were 1.5 days old. It was also the first time you and your brother had gotten to be together since birth.

We went home from the hospital on Sunday. On Monday you got to meet your Mimi and Papa. Mimi was so busy taking pictures of you and helping Mommy out, she didn't get any pictures WITH you. 

When you were a week old, Mommy had to go to the hospital. She was really sick and in a room you couldn't visit. Your Mimi and Papa took good care of you since Daddy was with Mommy. I am so glad you are good babies and only wake up at night to eat! Finally mommy got moved to another room and you could come visit. This is the first time she got to see you in 3 days. 

Mommy got to go home a few days before your 3 week birthday. She was excited to give you your first real bath. Kenzie, you liked it till you had to get out and got cold. You draped your leg over the sling so it could soak in the water. Joseph, my friend, you were not and are still not a fan of the bath. You love to get out and get cozy in your hooded towel. 

When you were 3 weeks old we took your newborn pictures. It took 5 hours because Miss Kenzie, you would not sleep! They turned out great, though!

You guys really love each other, though Kenzie certainly is more interested in you, Joseph. You pretty much ignore your sis, unless you're trying to eat her. 

 You spent your first 4th of July on the couch with mommy. You were obviously VERY affected by the fireworks. 

Kenzie, you made a new best friend. Your Auntie Becky brought her girls over to babysit while mommy went to the doctor.  You had met Moriah a few days before. She really, really, REALLY loves you. 

Just before your one month birthday you made your first trip to Aggieland. Aunt Erin and Uncle Bill came to meet you, and you wanted to show them all the fun traditions on campus. Your Papa says OU, Aunt Erin says Arkansas, and Uncle Bill says UT (the good one in Tennessee). But remember, mommy is the one who grew you for 9 months, and she's the smart one to listen to. Your first word might just be howdy. 

This first month you made some great faces,  but these are my favorite we caught on camera. Kenzie Rebekah, you are DRAMATIC. We get two breaths warning before you are wailing. You stick out those lips and have a great pouty face. Right around one month you developed the ability to cry real tears and you work that into your dramatics now. Joseph, you too have a great pout. But you were the first to socially smile, and it just made Mommy's day. 

One month stats:

Height- Mommy forgot to measure!
Weight- 8 pounds, 8 ounces
Sleep- The longest you've gone is 4 hours. 
Eat- Ravenously! And you make noises the whole time. 
Likes- Eating, sleeping on Mommy's chest, being in the wrap. 
Dislikes- Baths, having gas, being naked. 

Height- Mommy forgot to measure!
Weight- 7 pounds, 4 ounces
Sleep- Little girl, you are our alarm clock. Count on you wailing every 3 hours on the dot. 
Eat- Though you wake to eat every 3 hours, you are a grazer. You'll eat an ounce or two, fall asleep, the wake up a few minutes later mad and hungry and drink another ounce. We just had your tongue tie clipped, so now you nurse with brother during the day and take formula at night. 
Likes- Daddy singing to you, being wrapped up cozy and warm, baths. 
Dislikes- Being cold, any form of discomfort not being fixed immediately, sun in your eyes. 

Happy one month, my sweet babies. I love you very much.