Friday, September 12, 2014

Three months

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
I can hardly believe you're three months old!! What I read tells me you are no longer newborns, you've officially graduated to the infant stage! Mommy is sad and happy at the same time. I feel like I say this every month, but this was a big month! One thing doesn't change though, and that is how much you love each other.  
Kenzie, you fell asleep on big brother. 

You held hands while you were nursing. You guys do this a lot. 

And Kenzie, when you cried on one of your nursing strikes, Joseph reached out his hand to comfort you. 

This month you have begun to discover the joy of playing. You guys use your play gym multiple times a day during your 30-45 minutes of post eating awake time. You both love mirrors and batting at toys. There is a big mirror on your bedroom door, and you love to look at "that baby" and smile. 

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all?"

We discovered that Kenzie, you love to go for walks outside. Joseph, you cried every time we hit a bump (and we live in Houston so that's quite often). I think this is my favorite picture of you so far, Kenzie. And your face structure looks like Mommy's when she was a little girl. Finally one of you kind of looks like me!

Since you two are water babies, we got a little pool for the backyard. We tried it a little too close to bed time, but I think it's something you'll really enjoy.

You still like to go to church. You haven't gone to the nursery yet, because Mommy's not ready! You are both awake a bit more and seem to enjoy the music (though Kenzie gets crazy eyes when it first starts). 

You like it when mommy reads books to you, as long as you aren't too tired. You both look at the pictures and smile. Apparently the colors are becoming easier for you to see. You seem to like looking. You aren't so sure about the Bumbos though, because they're just SOOOOO much work. Your little necks are getting stronger though, so it's getting easier. However, Joseph, your thighs may not fit in yours too much longer!

You guys weren't too sure about a few things this month. You got your first round of shots. The shots were the easiest part of the appointment. Daddy came to help mommy, and she is so glad because you cried the whole time we were there. You both did not like being naked to get weighed, measured, and checked.

Joseph, you got a raging case of cradle cap. Mommy put coconut oil on your head to try to help it, and you sat in the high chair for the first time. You weren't so sure, but you sure are cute!

You also weren't so sure about the paci your Mimi gave you. Mommy thinks you look like an Egyptian taxi driver. 

You both weren't so sure about tummy time. Ok, "not sure" is not the proper description. You hate it! We haven't done much other than on Mommy's chest, but now that you're so big we're trying to do more. Kenzie, you roll over and mommy turns you back. You roll over again and mommy turns you back. Then you put your head down and go to sleep. Joseph, you tolerate it for a minute or two and then cry. 

There are a few things you love:

Your duckies from Auntie Catha,

Mommy putting her hand on your face to help you sleep,

And Joseph's new sleep sack (no more swaddle!). 
"Touchdown, Aggies!"

Our biggest milestone of the month is with your sleep. You both sleep in your cribs, in your room. You sleep from about 9-2, eat and sleep till 5 or 6, eat and sleep again till 8:30 or so. It's wonderful! Naps are a different story. You rarely sleep in your cribs. Most naps are in the swing or on Mommy's bed. Joseph, you're a great napper. You sleep for 2-3 hours in the morning, 1.5-2 in the early afternoon, 1.5 in the late afternoon, then probably an hour or so while waiting for your last meal before bed. Kenzie, you do the same, but for your 2 afternoon naps, only an hour or so can be in the swing/bed/crib. The rest has to be on mommy. You're sleeping on me right now actually. 

Kenzie, this is right before your first night in the crib. It's like you knew what was going to happen!

We went on our first road trip this month. Since daddy works so much the last week of each month we decided or head to China Spring to see one of our favorite families, the Thompsons. You did great! We didn't stop and you slept the whole way there, even though you were supposed to eat. You were thoroughly loved by all. I asked Jhett if he was holding his future wife, and he said yes. I'm not above an arranged marriage to get you a good one, baby girl!

The drive home took a bit longer because mommy had to stop in College Station to get you your first Aggie gear. 

Our little quarterback, practicing his passing game. 

 Mommy is really enjoying all the smiles. We have a fun morning routine. Kenzie, you wake up around 6:30 and won't sleep in your crib anymore. You come sleep on your side, chest to chest with mommy. You love to sleep on your side like she does. Joseph, you wake up happy and talking in your crib around 8:30. Daddy brings you to the big bed and we talk together. As we talk, your sister will slowly wake up, cry a little, and then join the smiling and talking (except Kenzie doesn't coo, she talks via spit gurgling). 

You guys are just getting so fun!

Mommy took this, but she thinks it looks like babies first selfie!

There you have it, three months!

Here are your stats:

Height- ?
Weight- 14 pounds!
Sleep- 5.5 hours, 3 hours, 3 hours is your overnight
Eat- Still a lot. When you start solids next month I think you'll be super pumped. 
Likes- Mommy, talking and smiling, people (you're a social little guy!), your sister
Dislikes- You're a pretty content little guy, but if you're sleepy mommy is the only one who will do. You bury your face in Mommy's armpit and go right to sleep.  

Height- ?
Weight- 10 pounds, 9 ounces 
Sleep- Same as your brother, though you are not a good napper. 
Eat- You are doing such a good job! Much fewer nursing strikes. There are times that you are super hungry! You will nurse and then take a bottle after. You can use all the weight you can get, so you can eat whatever you want!
Likes- Daddy dancing with you, sleeping with mommy, mirrors, batting at toys
Dislikes- Naps if not being held, being tired- you go from happy to screaming tired in about 10 seconds. 

Happy 3 months, my growing babies! Mommy loves you so much!