Sunday, October 12, 2014

4 months

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
You are 4 months old today! This has been a great month. We've been working on tummy time because you both still hate it. Generally what happens is that Joseph will scream and Kenzie will roll for a few times (rolled back by mama) and then give up and go to sleep. 

It felt a little like fall one day this month, so we wore our most fun fall clothes. Unfortunately, Joseph, you're growing so fast that you won't get much wear out of this one! And Kenzie, all those cute 6-12 month winter clothes I have probably won't get much wear because you are so small. 

You both are loving your blankies, so when you get tired you'll use anything you can to cover up. We got home late after bible study one night, and Kenzie, you went to sleep with mommy scarf while she changed brother into his pjs. 

Mommy went for a run with her new jogging stroller. Kenzie, you loooove being outside. Joseph feels a bit different about the outdoors...

We took your 3 month photos about a week late. It was a busy, rainy day and we didn't know until the last minute if we would even be able to take them because of the weather. We were rushed getting out the door and mommy asked daddy to dress Joseph. Daddy didn't know the onesie should snap on the inside of the pants! 

Despite our rushed day and 2 fussy babies, the pictures came out great! These are a few of my favs. Joseph, you have been obsessed with your tongue one day of your life, and it happened to be this one. 

We laughed as we saw your personalities develop more this month. This photo shows how you wake up. Joseph, you are so happy to greet a new day. Kenzie, you need your needs met immediately and are not happy to be awake.  

Tummy time improved a bit when you used pillows and could look at each other. You love each other so much. I adore that bond you have. 

We watched the Aggies beat Arkansas. You were both really into the game. ;) And it was a real nail biter!

We noticed a little flattening of Kenzie's head, so we started using new fun toys to stay up off of backs. Joseph, you love the jumper. Kenzie, not so much, but you sure love the exersaucer. 

This one of my favorite pictures of the two of you. Mommy wanted you to get one more wear put of these cute coordinating outfits before Joseph is too big. 

About halfway through the month you stopped sleeping long stretches at night. Mommy is not happy to be up every 3 hours again! Kenzie, you also threw your first back-arching tantrum. You didn't want to be strapped in to the Bumbo. I have a feeling we'll be seeing many more of these tantrums in the years to come. 

You both gave real laughs this month. That's about the best sound ever! And while Joseph had been chattering for a little while, Kenzie you started in your own way- you sort of spit/growl to communicate. It's hilarious and you love it when we do it back to you. 

Our monthly photo shoot was opposite the usual. Kenzie, you were happy and smiley and Joseph, you wanted nothing to do with it. I suppose it doesn't help when sister clocks you in the face right before the picture, but I have a feeling she will continue to be the scrappy/feisty one so you'd better get ready! 

Here are your stats (weights differ from pic bc our scale is a bit off from the docs):

Height- 25" (40%ile)
Weight- 15 pounds 6 ounces (50%ile)
Sleep- You're both eating every 3-4 hours again. :-/
Eat- We decided to wait till 6 months for solids, but you nurse like a champ. 
Likes- Mommy, the jumper, people. 
Dislikes- You still pretty much like anything, but you CANNOT handle being tired. Oh and tummy time. 

Height- 24" (30%ile)
Weight- 11 pounds 5 ounces (5%ile)
Sleep- You still aren't a great napper. Most days you get moved to Mommy's bed to finish your nap. 
Eat- Same, same. Still nursing and taking a bottle when you're still hungry. 
Likes- Daddy dancing with you, sleeping in the big bed, the exersaucer. 
Dislikes- Tummy time, napping more than 45 minutes. 

Happy 4 months, sweet babies!