Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 months

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
You are 5 months old! So many big things happened this month! First of all, the day after you turned 4 months your buddy Archer started coming every day for mommy to watch. You are all getting along swimmingly, and he is helping you enjoy tummy time a little more. He's so strong at 3.5 months older than you, and you like watching what he does and copying him. It's ok if you don't copy him when he crawls. Take your time please! :)

Your relationship continues to grow, and I love how you empathize with one another, and just like to be close to one another. 

Your first Halloween happened this month. The jury's still out whether we will "do Halloween", but for this year you wore your Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats from your newborn photos. Definitely the last time those will fit! We walked around with Aunt Bethie and her family while the bigs trick or treated for the first time. 

You are both loving the bath and I always get big smiles. Kenzie, when we left you one night the only thing that calmed you was a bath and the swing. Joseph, you're growing out of the swing. You're a mighty big boy and it's hard on the motor. 

One thing Mommy really wants to remember are Joseph's sweet newborn curls. Due to a raging case of cradle cap, you lost all your hair. Buddy, you are looking like a bald old man these days. They say when infants lose their hair it can come back completely different so we'll just have to see!

Joseph, your sleep position makes me laugh. Blankie on the face or not, those arms are thrown up over your head. You are such a good napper too!! Starting the day after 4 months you are both able to go to sleep on your own for naps. Mommy just puts you in bed and walks away. It's nice! Archer helped us get on a good schedule, and you've been champs adjusting to 2 long naps a day rather than sleeping all the time. 

Kenzie, you really began trying to sit up this month. You're still pretty unsteady, but we're working on it! You like your new view. Joseph, you're making attempts but aren't very good at it. 

Mommy's car died this month, so we got a new car. Before we traded in the Blazer we all took a 
picture together. That car took your Aunt Bethie to college and to med school, drove Aunt Bethie and Uncle Nick away from their wedding, took Ellison home from the hospital, drove mommy and daddy away from their wedding, and took you both home from the hospital. We are grateful for the Blazer and the history it saw. 

One morning mommy went for a walk with a friend. It was actually cool out, so you got dressed in your fall gear with your football hats. You both loved the walk and looking at people, but 3 miles is a long way and you both fell asleep. 

Another big thing this month was sitting in a high chair for the first time. Mommy met a friend for lunch at Chickfila and you tried to be big in the high chairs. You're still pretty young and not sitting quite well enough, but you enjoyed the view for a little while. 

Joseph, you showed some love to 2 very important people. You and daddy had some good chats and time together. And you supported your Papa's football team one Saturday. They lost, but he still liked it. 

Kenzie, you too love your duckie blankie. Joseph prefers it over his head, but you like to snuggle it. Mommy and daddy are grateful, because you'll sleep on your side and snuggle it and your flat part on your right side is getting better. Good job, little girl!

Here are some of Mommy's favorite pictures from the month. 
"How you doin'?"

Cute new outfits. 


Truer words have never been spoken. 

Here are your stats:

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 17 pounds 6 ounces
Sleep- Still eating every 3-4 hours. What?!
Eat- Still eating like a champ. 
Likes- Pretty much everything. You're a happy boy. 
Dislikes- Being up past bedtime. Tummy time still. 

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 12 pounds 6 ounces
Sleep- You are a muuuuch better napper. Archer is our anchor and you've adjusted to his schedule well. Yay for naps- and in your crib!
Eat- You pretty much just nurse now. You still prefer a bottle because it's faster, but you rarely need extra. 
Likes- The exersaucer, Archer, your duckie. 
Dislikes- Tummy time. Thankfully, over all, you are a much happier baby this month. 

I used to have an early bird and a night owl, but thanks to daylight savings I have 2 early birds. Oh well, you rarely get up before Archer comes.

I love you sweet babies! Thank you for a great month!