Friday, December 12, 2014

6 months!

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
How is it that you have been on this planet for a whole half a year?! It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant and it also seems like you have always been a part of our family. The other day your daddy and I were talking about just how much joy you bring us. And this month you have gotten SO FUN! You play with toys, interact with one another, and are so very happy. 

You both started the month learning how to sit. Now, at the end of the month you are great sitters though one of you thoroughly enjoys it, and the other is lazy and will intentionally fall over. Wonder who that is? ;)

You're also working on rolling from tummy to back. Joseph does it in his crib, and you both roll all over on your sides. It's impressive how you can get around in your cribs. Kenzie, you still can't quite get all the way over, but you're trying hard (when you want to. When you don't want to no one can make you.)

Because you are now actively playing with toys, we keep some in your car seats. This has helped a lot on the drive to Mommy's tutoring. 

Kenzie, you are a little fashionista. You even have a good fierce look. Joseph, you're just a cutie. 

On November 14th we celebrated our little Baby B. This was the day of Mommy's first ultrasound, when we found out there wasn't just one baby, but 2! I am so grateful for our little baby bee. 

Dear, sweet Kenzie. Mommy is so grateful for you, but you are a stinker. Your brother loves you so very much, and unfortunately receives a lot of your mischievous side. 

But thankfully, that is not always the case. One day Joseph was having a hard time. Kenzie, you sweetly were comforting him. It's usually Joseph doing the comforting, so it was sweet to see you return the love. 

A few other exciting developments- you both got your two bottom teeth! Kenzie, you got yours on the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day (November 26 and 27- the same day Archer got his first tooth). Joseph, yours came the same day a week later (December 5). Kenzie, you bit mommy 3 times and the last time drew blood. And when she yelped, you laughed. That last time mommy pinched your cheek and talked in her teacher voice. It made you cry, but you haven't done it again (but mommy now nurses in fear). 

We are heading to Arkansas for Christmas, and it might be cold, so mommy got you some winter accessories. Joseph, you were none to pleased. You tugged those mittens off and cried about the hat. Kenz, you can see your two little teeth in this one. 

Another new development- Kenzie's hair went curly! We had noticed that it would turn wavy under your headbands, but this month you developed full on curls. Mommy is so excited! She always wanted a curly haired little girl. The curls are pretty wild right now and contribute to one of your many nicknames- CrayCray. Girl, the way you squeal, move around, and live life- you are crazy! And I love it. 
Brother's hair is growing back and it looks like it might be straight now. 

Speaking of nicknames, you both have lots. 
Joseph: little man, brother, brother bear, big boy, handsome, buddy boy
Kenzie: Kenzie boo, boo, cray-cray, kenz, sister, sister sue, baby girl
And the trio: Kenzie boo, Archie poo, and Joseph too

One of Mommy's very favorite things about this month has been that you can sit in the bath! No more doing one at a time and having a baby cry for the 30 minutes of bathtime. Now you splash and play in the bath together. 

Kenzie, sometimes I worry that you aren't growing fast enough. We're hanging on to that fifth percentile (we'll see at the doctor on Monday!). You have started taking three 4 ounce bottles a day in addition to nursing every time with Joseph. But when I was packing away clothes to give to the babies in Kenya I saw your premie pjs that you wore for a month or so. You certainly have grown! You can even feed yourself a bottle. 

Joseph, you and Archer are becoming buddies and I love it. I hope you are best buds, because his mommy has been your Mommy's most faithful friend for nearly 20 years. 

However, he is a bit of a toy thief and you finally apprehended him. 

I have a feeling we are seeing a picture of the future in this one. One of Mommy's students gave you these toys and outfits. Kenzie, you have the phone and Joseph the remote. Though Kenzie, I wonder if you won't have both!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Aunt Bethie and her family. Gramzie loves you two and always brings you presents when she comes to visit Elle and Archer, so we made her a little gift to show her we are thankful. These are your hand and feet turkeys. Mommy gets made fun of for always doing handprint crafts, but your little bitty hands are just such a sweet memory!

After Thanksgiving we pulled out the Christmas pjs. Love the boy and girl reineeer. Plus, you're both getting cuter by the minute!

It wouldn't be a month update without some Joseph sleep photos. 

You so rarely fall asleep on me anymore, so I enjoy when this happens. 

One of our last new adventures for the month was going to the park. You both loved swinging, but weren't too sure about the slide. 

This has been Mommy's favorite month so far. We have the cutest videos of you swinging, talking to one another, Kenzie being crazy before bed, etc. You are growing and changing all the time. Joseph, you babble, but you have started mouthing "mama" and "papa". No noise, just mouthing it. It's hilarious. I'm not sure you've made the person association yet, but I still like it. Kenzie, you have come alive this month and it is JUST. SO. FUN. You are going through some serious separation anxiety as of the last 2 weeks. Anytime mama leaves the room anywhere (even at home) you freak out. So that's fun. Joseph, you have it a little, but you will let familiar people hold you. But now when strangers talk to you, your big bottom lip comes out and the rims of your eyes fill with tears. Kenzie, you're ok as long as mama is in sight. 

We have your 6 month photos on Sunday and mama is so excited to share them in your 7 month update. 7 months? Waaa! Somehow that's like being in your late 30s vs early. It sounds so old!

Here are your stats: **will update Monday after the doctor

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 18 pounds 10 ounces 
Sleep- Depends. Every 4-5. You are an amazing napper though. 
Eat- Still eating like a champ. 
Likes- Hearing your own voice, the bouncer, standing and bouncing, being upside down. 
Dislikes- Being up past bedtime. When sister attacks you. 

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 14 pounds 4 ounces
Sleep- Not too bad. On your 6 month bday you slept from 9-4:30. Mommy fed you withbrother then bc she didn't want to get up again. Hopefully you both move toward this! 
Eat- Girlfriend. YOU. EAT. You're nursing every time with brother AND taking three 4 ounce bottles. 
Likes- Squealing, playing in your crib, MOMMY. 
Dislikes- EVERYONE ELSE. Tummy time. Not eating every 1.5 hours during the day. 

We love you! Happy half birthday!