Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Grandma detox syndrome

Grandma detox syndrome refers to a state of physical, emotional, and mental distress and the subsequent recovery period following prolonged exposure to grandma and/or other visiting relatives, and thus lack of exposure to independent play, tears of any kind, waiting in any form, or feet touching the ground. Grandma detox syndrome does not blame the grandma, as exposure is positive, and syndrome is generally of limited duration.  

Here we have 3 specimen. 

Specimen A is characterized by extreme emotion, ranging from generally upset to complete loss of control. In day 1 she is unable to play independently, but will sit accompanied by an appropriate companion (also referred to as mommy) for a short duration. 

Specimen B is characterized by an over-sensitivity to the emotions of Specimen A. He is able to play independently with positive outcomes, provided Specimen A displays qualities of contentedness or is not in the room. Mostly displays symptoms through frequent affection and a desire to be in close proximity with the female care provider. 

Specimen C displays the most advanced set of coping skills. His symptoms are generally characterized with numerous hugs and the need for comfort objects (see: blankie and paci as examples 1 & 2) nearby.