Monday, January 12, 2015

7 months!

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
Today you are 7 months old.  Officially closer to 1 year than you are to birth.  You are really growing and developing personalities! It is so much fun to watch you both become little people.

This month was all about EATING!  You had your first foods on your 6 month birthday.  Mommy is doing baby-led weaning, which just means you eat real food from the beginning (no purees) and you feed yourselves.  You're doing great!  In your first month you had so many different foods- we started with avocado, then you've had broccoli, bell pepper, green beans, peas, yellow squash, apple, pear, blueberries, strawberries, banana, mandarin oranges, pineapple, string cheese, yogurt, toast with peanut butter, eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, and omelets)... that's just what mommy can think of. Kenzie, you love ALL THE FOODS.  Girl, it's like you're always starving.  Your favorite so far is baby oatmeal (which you feed yourself on a pre-loaded spoon- makes for quite a mess!).  Joseph, you LOVE LOVE bananas.  

Above: Trying avocado for the first time; K after feeding herself oatmeal (and enjoying!)

Above Right: Toast with peanut butter for the first time

Above: Trying a frozen Popsicle of yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries blended.  K, you DID NOT LIKE (a first).  J, you were shocked by the cold and tartness, but you love it!

We went to your 6 month doctors appointment.  You are both right on track.  The doctor said you are perfect 6 month olds.  Kenzie, you're still small for your age, but right on the curve for your birthweight and how you were at 2 and 4 months.  Kenz, you are JUST now fitting into 3-6 months really well, though now at 7 months they are starting to get a little short.  You have the world's tiniest feet though.  You wore newborn size shoes at your 6 month photo shoot.  Some 0-3 month shoes/size 1 fit, but some fall off.  J, you are a big boy.  You wear 9 month clothes, and even a few 12 month things (especially cotton PJs).  Both of your very favorite thing at the doctor's office was ripping the paper that covered the exam table.  

 Aunt Bethie got you all a bubble gun for Christmas.  It did not have the affect we anticipated.  J & A were terrified.  K, you loved it.  You're all doing better now though.  

Since we were going to Arkansas for Christmas, and it was supposed to be cold, mommy got you both hats and mittens.  They were not well received (as we saw last month and again here), so we went to have some sensitivity training.  At first they were NOT OK.  But then after walking to the park, the swings made it all better! 

A few days before Christmas we went on a hayride around a neighborhood to look at lights.  You both loved the lights and snuggling with mommy and daddy.  You even happily wore your hats (though it could be because mommy ditched the mittens).  

K, mommy loves to dress you in things she would wear herself.  :) You got some new skinny jeans and had to show them off with your boots.  You do skinny jeans well, my girl.  You hate your boots though.  Sometimes fashion is pain, little one! :)

When packing for Arkansas, mommy decided she'd better try on the Christmas Eve outfits she got you AGES ago.  They were so super cute!  You modeled them well and we sent preview photos to Mimi.  

 On Christmas Eve, we headed out on our first road trip.  You guys were ROCK.STARS.  We left when you woke to eat at 3:45, so we were on the road by 4:15 am.  You slept till breakfast at 8:30.  We stopped and fed you (and ourselves) and got out of the car for an hour or so.  Then we got back in the car and you talked a bit before falling asleep for your morning nap.  You woke about 10 minutes before we arrived at the house.  We could not have timed it better because we had not one tear shed on the way.  On the way back, K you were unhappy for a bit, and J you reached a breaking point about an hour and a half from home.  But all in all you did very well.  I must say, you cried every time we put you in your car seats for the next week though!  

We had a GREAT time in Arkansas with family.  You had never met your Aunt Hannah, Uncle Dustin, cousin Sophia, or Great-Aunt Diane.  You surprised mommy by doing so well with everyone.  You've both been a little clingy (see 6 month separation anxiety), but you did really well with everyone.  We went to a Christmas Eve service at your Papa's old church.  You went in the service with us.  Poor J, you were so scared because the music was really loud.  You both did well though.  Afterwards, we went to Fu Lin.  Chinese on Christmas Eve is something of a tradition in our family because it was always the only thing open after your Papa finished leading all the services.  
Above: At the church before the service

Hanging out at Fu Lin's with Papa

About to open up presents with Sophia and Aunt Erin

Eating Christmas lunch- you enjoyed sweet potato casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, and green bean casserole.  You both loved them all.  Southern babies love casseroles! :)

No pants post lunch.  I understand the feeling, buddy.

Above: K sitting with Mimi; J sleeping with daddy.  You two did not do so well sleeping in an unfamiliar place, especially you Joseph.  But you LOVED the big bed with Mommy and Daddy.

Playing with Aunt Hannah one morning.

When we got back you would play together for a little while.  J, you roll all over and sister is not immune to your rolls.  

But for almost a week, you all looked like this.  Grandma detox syndrome.  All of you wanted to be held all the time, and when you didn't get full attention- WATCH OUT!  K, you had it the worst.  J, you were mostly affected by your sisters cries.  

 A few other randoms from the month:  Kenzie, you wear all toys like bracelets.  I love your girlieness! 

Joseph, you were the first to ride in the front of the shopping cart.  This is how we spent our New Year's Eve- shopping, then all in bed way before midnight.  

Kenzie, you're just so pretty!  And you sure do love the bath and a hooded towel.  

 Gramzie (Aunt Bethie's mom) got you each a Leap Frog My Pal.  It's baby black magic and calms you both immediately.  It's programmed so say your names, favorite food, and favorite color.  Joseph, you get such a quizzical look when Scout says your name!

Kenzie, Archer is already making moves on you.  Your daddy better watch out!

 Joseph, you love upside-down.  It's your favorite.  

Perhaps the most special moment of all was this one.  Because your daddy's family is in Cuba and they don't have internet access very much, you have never "met" your Abuela or 1 tia, 2 tios, and 1 prima.  But your Tia Manana is studying in Brazil.  You have gotten to Skype with her a lot this month and last.  But the BEST moment was the one below.  Your Abuela is in Venezuela working.  She has been looking for a computer with Skype for more than a month (she's in a small town) so she could "meet" you. She has only seen you in photos.  She hasn't seen your daddy in more than 2 years either.  This was the first time she met you.  It was a teary experience for all the adults. 

Finally, we took your 6 month photos 2 days after you turned 6 months.  They turned out SO GREAT, and mommy has to try hard not to post every single one.  But here are 3 of my very favorites.  You were both so smiley and we were able to capture a little bit of your personalities.

Here are your stats: 

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 19 pounds 13 ounces 
Sleep- We are working on night weaning.  Most of the time you do well, but sometimes you need to be held for 30 minutes to get back to sleep.  We are feeding at 8, 11, and not again till 7 or 7:30.  Can't wait till you actually SLEEP the whole time!
Eat- You like solids, but you still prefer to nurse.  You have quite the independent personality though- mommy is NOT allowed to help you eat.  You want to do it all by yourself.  
Likes- Screaming/laughing, rolling around in your bed, your duckie, your paci, toys that make noise
Dislikes- When you don't get the sleep you need.

Height- We didn't measure. 
Weight- 15 pounds 6 ounces
Sleep- You do well one night and terrible the next night with night weaning.  Sometimes you go back to sleep in a minute.  Sometimes you take HOURS.  But you will not put yourself BACK to sleep. Putting yourself to sleep originally, fine.  But not if you wake in the middle of the night.
Eat- My goodness little girl, YOU LOVE FOOD.   You have cut out those extra bottles, but you eat so much!  Your whole plate of solids disappears in minutes.  
Likes- Playing, your brother, Archer (you LOVE him), mommy, books, clawing and touching everything.
Dislikes- Being on your tummy, mommy walking out of the room.  You are so smart little girl- at tutoring you cry and cry until they start walking toward the room I'm in.  Then you smile (unless they stop walking).  This past week you starting not even crying, just one "Waaa!" and turning your head to look in the direction of the room.  Crazy little girl!

Mommy was disappointed that J drooled all over his shirt in the 5 minutes it took to get everything ready.  But then she realized that drool is life right now, and accepts it as an accurate representation.

Happy 7 months my little ones!  We love you so!!