Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two months

Dear Joseph and Kenzie,
Two months! This has been a big month too. You both had lots of new adventures. You went to church for the first time. 

To the beach for the first time. Surprisingly, Joseph, you loved the water and Kenzie, my water baby, you did not enjoy. I think it was too cold for you. You snoozed under an umbrella instead.  

 You sat in the Bumbo for the first time. Kenzie, you like it because you're short enough to rest your head on the back. My big boy, that head is just too heavy for you still!

Joseph, you praised The Lord for the first time. ;-)

And Kenzie, at just 5 weeks old, you rolled over from tummy to back. The video only shows side to back, but you can go fully over. You do it whenever mommy tries to make you do tummy time. That, or go to sleep. 

There were lots of smiles from both of you, who learned to socially smile and do it a lot!

There were also many pensive looks. 

And of course, some sad faces!

You BOTH learned to love baths. Yay, Joseph!

You also love each other. 

Joseph, you started sleeping 5-6 hours at night without waking up. Kenzie, you're still every 3. However, right at 2 months you both went on strike. Joseph, you're back to 3 hours, and you both won't sleep unless you're ON mommy. It's been a rough week!

I am so enjoying watching your little personalities develop. Kenzie, you continue to be the drama queen. A smile from you is hard earned. But when you do smile, you light up the room. Joseph, you smile freely, and have started sympathy crying when your sis does. It would be cute if she didn't cry so much! But I love how you love her. You are both growing and changing so much! Joseph, you've started talking. We love to hear your voice! Kenzie, you are pretty quiet still (unless you're crying), and you soak everything in. You love to stare at the fan or at the pictures of mommy and daddy over their bed. Your daddy sings to you all the time, and you smile and look lovingly at him. You sure love your daddy. 

I wish I could say you two were perfect at our monthly photo shoots. But the truth is, they mostly look like this:

But here you are, two months old! Two month stats (at the pediatrician, so you were actually 10 weeks):

Height- 23.5" 55%ile
Weight- 12 pounds, 10 ounces 60%ile
Sleep- The longest you've gone is 6 hours. You did that consistently weeks 6-7. Now at 2 months, you've reverted back to 3 hour stretches. 
Eat- Still a lot. When you take a bottle you'll take 5 ounces. 
Likes- Eating, mommy (love my little mama's boy), talking and smiling, baths
Dislikes- Having gas, waiting to eat, naps in your crib. 

Height- 22.25 30%ile
Weight- 9 pounds, 6 ounces 10%ile (but you're on the regular charts now! Way to go, baby girl!)
Sleep- 3, maybe 4 hours max 
Eat- Toward the end of the month, we got you all on breast milk. This was a task, because a bottle is just so much faster and, as we all know, you are not good with waiting. Sometimes you refuse (see: cry without stopping) and get a bottle. Daddy is happy, because now he doesn't have to get up at night. 
Likes- Daddy singing to you, baths, sleeping in the big bed where mommy usually sleeps. 
Dislikes- Naps if not being held, your crib, waiting. 

You're getting too big! Mommy loves you!